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Elijah was a man of God
About the best that ever trod
this earth--he was scared of
Jezebel--that's who he feared.

She put God's fifty priests to death
Poor 'Lijah was the last one left.
Elijah was a humble man
He obeyed God's very least command.

God said, "For three years no rain will fall
But you'll be safe for I will call
The Ravens to feed you flesh and bread.
As you sit by the brook you'll be well fed."

Now, birds have babies to feed their bills
It takes both mates to keep their crops filled.
But I'll bet those birdies had to wait
Till 'Lijah got fed--they were never late.
It was time for the Prophet to leave his nook
So God dried up the bubbling brook.
"Lizah, well fed, was ready to go
He still had God's many seed to sow.

Since Elizah was scared and still on the run
He was sent to a widow and her son.
She gave him her last bit of bread
And for that she had plenty instead.

Then tragedy struck with an alarm
Her son got sick and died in her arms.
She wailed and blamed God for letting him die
But 'Lijah took the boy without a sigh.

And went up to his loft--laid the boy down.
Stretched out on the bed, the priest made no sound.
He lowered himself on the form of the son
And "Artificial Respiration" was first begun.
Down on the body--3 times did press
And God's power was shown as he did the rest.
Life came back--'Lijah could have stopped
On try number one, but he did not.

His faith kept him going to God's number three;
When God took over and life came to be.
Men learned in the future so very far
What God had taught about "C.P.R."

God had a surprise waiting for the saint
Who had run from death--his faith was faint.
In a chariot of fire--he went up alive
To reign in Heaven as will you and I.